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Title Search Report Order Form

Submitting this form requires prepayment of minimum base flat fee.  Site Members can log in and use Title Search Report app to place orders without prepayment (ensure you are logged into your employer provided Microsoft Account on your web browser to connect with GCR Business Law SharePoint server).  Alternatively, all customers may email order details including required fields below to

Note: Base flat fee includes one parcel, i.e. one condominium unit or one plat lot or one property tax parcel for ownership or one sample parcel search for Governing Documents.   

Search orders which: (a) require search of multiple parcels; (b) require search of more than one chain of title; or (c) include extraneous search requirements such as periods longer than 30 years, require extraordinary time to complete, require mapping of metes and bounds legal descriptions may result in additional fees and will not be commenced without prior customer approval. 

Thanks for submitting!

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