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Areas of Practice

Real Estate Title

GCR Title Search Reports - for your real estate litigation, investments, local government licensing and permitting purposes, and many more.   A title search report from GCR Business Law is more than just a list of records; its information ready to use summarized and listed based on your needs, customized to your business model, in xml, word, txt, excel, csv, pdf. and any other platform to easily integrate with your IT platforms and software, including paper copies!​

Various real estate and community association law firms, governmental entities, and private investors rely on GCR Business Law for making real estate investment decisions, foreclosure and tax deed auctions, municipal services, client intake, title litigation including quiet title, easement disputes, boundary disputes, and foreclosure review, and many other transactional and litigation matters involving real estate.

Estate Planning


Set up your Wealth and Business Succession plans into enforceable legal documents as trusts, business agreements, wills, and appoint your trusted family members or business partners to carry out your wishes.

Bankruptcy Law

Reorganize your business debts while you build capital and improve cash flow.

Dissolve your business or wind-up business through bankruptcy process. 

Get relief from personal financial burdens for a fresh start.

Business Law

Set up your LLC, Corporation, Joint Venture, or Partnership Documents

Sell, merge, acquisitions, compliance, and dissolutions of your business.


Litigation Support

Bankruptcy representation of your clients (Community Associations, Mortgagees, or other lenders) in individual or corporate bankruptcy cases to :

  • maximize your client's recover under a plan of reorganization or dissolution, exemptions litigation;

  • objections to exemptions, dischargebaility, valuations, or confirmation.

  • Adversary proceedings prosecution or defense including claims of stay violations.

Real estate litigation and support services in foreclosure, quiet title, and other property disputes.

Guardian ad Litem services

Litigation title opinions

Attorney's Fee opinions.

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