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Terms of Service – Title Search Report

August 8, 2023.

1987 NE 15 Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

(954) 609-1220

Online Order  Terms

I am pleased that you are choosing GCR Business Law, PLLC to provide title search reports.  I submit for your approval the following provisions governing our engagement.  By checking the box below, you are agreeing to the following terms of engagement.  If you have any questions regarding the provisions, or if you would like to discuss the possible modifications, please call GCRBL at (954) 609-1220 or email

This engagement is limited to providing the specific title search request as indicated in the order form and does not create an attorney client relationship, nor should you rely on the report as legal advice we agree into a specific Attorney Representation Agreement.

Title reports are provided on a project-by-project basis.  This Firm retains the right to refuse any project at the time of submission for any reason whatsoever, including, by way of example, for time limitations, conflicts of interest, etc.  The Firm retains the right to discontinue a specific project even if other ongoing projects may exist under any of the circumstances described below, without terminating the entire agreement.  

If this Agreement or my services are terminated for any reason, such termination shall be effective only to terminate my services prospectively and all the other terms of this Agreement shall survive any such termination.  Upon cessation of our active involvement in a particular matter (even if we continue active involvement in other matters on your behalf), I will have no further duty to inform you of future development or changes in law as may be relevant to such matter.  Further, unless you and I mutually agree in writing to the contrary, I will have no obligation to monitor renewal or notice dates or similar deadlines that may arise from the matters for which I had been retained.

After completion of the matter, changes may occur in the applicable law or regulation that could have an impact upon your future rights and liabilities.  Unless you engage me after completion of the matter to provide additional advice on issues arising from the matter, the Firm has no continuing obligation to advise you with respect to future legal developments.

I provide abstracts of title to many clients on many matters without any involvement in the transaction or dispute concerned.  However, I also represent clients in title matters.  The possibility exists that one of our current or future clients may take positions adverse to you or your client.  I provide information publicly available and should, in most likelihood, be exempt from claims of privilege.  However, I agree that your confidential or proprietary information of a non-public nature that I may obtain during your engagement of my services is of paramount importance to you and I will never use the information gained in representing you in any way for another client or my benefit.  I will decline services if I am unable to provide an objective report due to my personal or professional involvement in the property or the parties concerned.


To the extent there is no actual and present conflict of interest, you agree to waive such conflict so long as the other clients’ matters are materially unrelated to any matter for which you retained my services, and your proprietary or confidential information is not used.  While I will never represent a client, the representation of whom may result in a material disadvantage to you, you agree to waive any perceived conflict arising solely because the other client has a competing interest or opposing interest to yours, but my representation dos not advocate the legal or political position that is of a disadvantage to you or your affiliates, or my representation of the other client is not directly against you in a matter in which you are the opposing party.


Stated differently, in the event a present conflict of interest exists between the you and other clients or in the event one arises in the future, you agree to waive any such conflict of interest or other objection that would preclude my representation of another client in other current or future matters, substantially unrelated to this representation of the Company. 


You agree to cooperate fully with me and to provide promptly all information known or available to you, that is relevant to my representation.  You agree to notify me promptly of any change in the address or contact data for Client and any other party, and promptly pay invoices and replenish cost deposits if any.


The Firm may require the pre-payment of a $250.00 fee per search order at the time of submissions.  Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, an online form submission will be considered a fee quote request, and I will provide you with a quote for the project described within 24 hours of submission.  No further action may commence until we agree in writing as to the fee amount and payment schedule, and any prepayment under the agreed payment schedule is paid.

Electronic Communications

The Firm hereby informs you and you hereby acknowledge that I communicate with my clients and clients’ professionals and agents by cell telephone, text messages, and emails that such communications are capable of being intercepted by others and therefore may be deemed no longer protected by the attorney-client privilege, and that you must inform me if you do not wish me to discuss privileged matters on cell telephones, text messages, and emails with you or your professionals or agents.  I generally use text messages for brief confirmations of appointments, or some basic information as to addresses phone numbers, and not regarding the substance of my representation of your legal matters.  I communicate with my clients and clients’ professionals and agents by unencrypted e-mail, that such communications are capable of being intercepted by others and therefore may be deemed no longer protected by the attorney-client privilege, and that you must inform me if you wish to institute a system to encode all e-mail between the Firm and you or your professionals or agents.


I provide your documentation through Microsoft SharePoint servers using a dedicated URL to your firm.  Additionally, your dedicated SharePoint URL will be where “ABC” represents your "client code" provided you or generally used acronym for your corporation or your initials.

All records and files will be retained and disposed of in compliance with our policy in effect from time to time. Subject to future changes, it is our current policy generally not to retain records relating to a matter for more than five years. Upon your prior written request, we will return client records to you prior to their destruction.  Your files will remain in SharePoint server and accessible to you at any time so long as it is feasible and accessible. It is not administratively feasible for me to advise you of the closing of a matter or the disposal of records. I recommend, therefore, that you maintain your own files for reference or submit a written request for your client files promptly upon conclusion of a matter.

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